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About "Crossing Borders": Large and small, visible and hidden, borders weave in and out of our lives along varied dimensions. Some we can see, many we cannot. Some we celebrate, others confine us. Some we’re aware of, many remain undiscovered. There are political borders and national borders; psychological, social, scientific, and biological borders. What are borders? Can anything be conceived as involving a border? Come think with us tonight at the new Institute of the Arts and Sciences building, designed for vibrant possibility. Choose among rooms with synchronic presentations and performances, led by poets, philosophers, scientists, and artists. Muse with us, ponder with us, and talk with one another, as together each of us travels across, within, and at the borders calling to us on this particular evening.

ThinkOlio: Interdisciplinary learning with the best professors

ThinkOlio is not about learning a new skill or adding credentials to your resume. It is about getting together with other people and expanding our worldview. It exists as a conduit for fruitful discussions, a dissent from the regurgitation of facts, and an embrace of new perspectives.

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"CAN YOU PHIL IT" is an interdisciplinary podcast which uses a philosophical lense to explore any topic: death, time, consciousness, desire, sex and gender, the nature of the world and how we can build knowledge about it; moral behavior and the nature of good and evil; the relationship between minds and bodies. For each topic, Jeanne looks back at the history of the various philosophical branches (metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of language), and considers positions of thinkers, dead or alive – philosophers, but also sociologists, psychologists, scientists – depending on the theme at hand.

We will reflect upon philosophical issues through discussion, when we’ll have a guest on board, and through text analysis, by critically deciphering philosophical jargon to allow our listeners to grasp intellectual contributions to the greatest, and the most seemingly trivial, questions of humankind.

Host and Content Production: Jeanne Proust
Music and Production: Johnny Nicholson
Visuals: Pedro Gomes

Referenced in Daily Nous.

Center for Public Philosophy

I am currently the interim director of the UCSC Center for Public Philosophy.

I also volunteer for the Ethics Bowl at UCSC and in San Quentin. Read local news coverage on the San Quentin ethics bowl here.

OlioHouse 2022 Retreat

What is our Purpose on Earth (day)?

How do we try to render our world intelligible, and our lives worth living? Should we? What do we mean, precisely, when we say that something is meaningful?

O+ Festival: “Critical Thinking and Communities”

O+ Festival, Kingston, NY
In Collaboration with the Good Work Institute

“Composing Beauty: Mapplethorpe’s Quest for Perfection”

Co-presented by BAM and Think Olio
Led by Jeanne Proust
In conjunction with Triptych (Eyes of One on Another)

A Night of Philosophy and Ideas

I have been invited five times to participate in the Night of Philosophy. This is an excerpt from my first talk there, “On The Urgent Need For Critical Thinking”